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The Playground

The Currawongs Playground was started so that family and friends could keep tabs on us follow our adventures and misadventures while we're overseas. Sure, there is always facebook, but I find things get lost there, even on my own page I have trouble finding notes etc, so I thought a dedicated blog was the way to go. Plus, we'll have a nice record of Jimmy as he's growing up.

Thanks for stopping by and joining us!

The Currawongs

Kamala - that would be me. After years studying, followed by years working in my field of insect ecology, breeding insects for the biological control of a major economic pest of Macadamias, I'm lucky enough to have another job really I enjoy - being Michael's partner in crime and Jimmy's Mum.

Once upon a time I lived in a country town in Queensland, Australia, before moving to Brisbane, where I spent sometime studying and ended up studying insect-plant interactions. This led to a stint as an Australian Youth Ambassador for Development in Samoa, and this is how Michael and I met. After our year in Samoa, we lived in Brisbane for five years where we worked and studied, oh and had a baby, Jimmy. We are now back after spending a little over two years in a pocket of the world we never thought to visit: Manhattan, Kansas.

Michael - he would be the reason we moved to Manhattan, KS, and the person who came up with the name for this blog. He contributes lovely photos to this blog, the occasional post, plus a little editing input (albeit 5 minutes after posts have gone up...), and sometimes he occupies Jimmy long enough for me to put up a post on the weekend.

Why did he move us to Manhattan, KS? At the end of his PhD, Michael accepted a Post-Doc position at a lab in the Kansas State University's school of Grain Science. His contract was extended after the first year, but we are now back in Australia looking for the next thing and enjoying being back and close to family.

Jimmy - also known as Jimmy-bubba, Bubba, James, Cutie McCuteums, Squidgy Bubba, Little Man, and my personal favourite sweet, little, darling Little Man. Where would we be without our Jimmy-bubba? Jimmy is the life of the party, he is a force to be reckoned with, and a shameless flirt. He is inquisitive, persistent, and learning patience. He is an amazing little person, and Michael and I love being his parents.

Thanks to James M for taking the photo of the three of us in 2014. The background is a little blurry but we're standing in front of the big MANHATTAN sign.

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