Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Laying down on our bed, feeding Jimmy, I was looking out our bedroom window, looking at fluffy white clouds against an inky blue night sky. A star was peeking through the slats of our window awning and the world outside seemed asleep. Our little valley was quiet, no cars on the roads on the ridge above us, no sirens, no music, no talking. Only Jimmy, me, the clouds in the night sky, the breeze and the cicadas. Lots of cicadas.

While laying there, with Jimmy still feeding, I realised that I really do like our little valley here in Brisbane. I might not like the summers, with their heat and humidity, but I do like it here. I like that we live 15 minutes from the city, but by 9 pm the loudest noise is the cicadas chirping away. Moving back here in a few years will be nice.

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