Saturday, 3 October 2015

Back to work: looking after myself...

I don't get enough sleep. I drink more coffee than I would like. I probably don't eat enough vegetables. I don't take the time to stretch or strengthen my muscles.

And I'm now working and Jimmy is still breastfeeding.

And I have a cold. It's not a bad one, the one I had while Grandma was here was worse, but I've still had to take time off work. There is a little of the changing seasons involved, putting another stress on my body, but it is the second cold I've had in a month and that's not cool.

So, what can I do? I can start by looking after me. As far as balancing my needs and my role as a mum, I think I have a fairly healthy balance (but I could still do with more sleep). Adding work into the mix has shaken things up and I need to rethink things.

Last week we started with Jimmy's night-time breastfeeding, mostly in response to two sleepless nights were I swear he spent more time feeding than sleeping and I don't sleep while he's breastfeeding, it just doesn't happen anymore. With Michael's help and support Jimmy is down to one night time feed, which happens around 3-4 am (I'm not including the bedtime breastfeeding or the first-thing-in-the-morning breastfeeding). The first few nights were rough, but now Jimmy is happy to have hugs when he wakes around midnight and he goes back to sleep. I'm calling it a win, but that 3-4 am breastfeed needs to go too... but it can wait a few more days.

Next on the list is my bedtime... I remember being good about sticking to a bedtime in highschool, but my parents might tell a different story. Whatever routine I had went out the window in the first few years of university and I just haven't managed to stick to a reasonable bedtime. It's always after 11 pm and it hasn't been working. Not for a very long time. Longer than I would like to admit. I went to bed a little after 10 pm last night, and it was good. A 10 pm bedtime is the dream, there is something magic about that number, at least in my head, and I'm beginning to think I really, really need to make it a priority and goal.

So, reducing Jimmy's night-time breastfeeding and going to bed earlier will help me get more sleep (and reduce my coffee intake somewhat). Now, for the veggies...

When I was at home, looking after Jimmy, we ate the same things, not always balanced but I think I was eating more as a stay-at-home-mum than I have been of late. There's point in the afternoons when I start getting sugar cravings, or protein cravings, and I'm hungry. I have been using coffee to fill this gap. Coffee with creamer... and it's a little gross. Tasty but gross. And when I get home and open the fridge, I see our jar of kimchi and all I can think about is hot rice, runny eggs, soy sauce, and kimchi. After eating about three bowls of rice, kimchi, and boiled eggs yesterday I think I have the craving quenched, but the combination now set to become my work afternoon tea.

Hopefully these steps (a little weaning, earlier to bed, a little more veg and protein) are what I need to start look after myself as the new normal stops needing the "new". A little more energy will make everything a little easier and get me out of bed early enough to do some stretches and see me through the afternoon slump.

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