Thursday, 17 March 2016

Early spring!

Apparently it's not quite spring yet, but don't tell the plants that because I'm loving the flowers, blossoms, new leaves, greening grass, and the combination of warm and cool air. Also, bye-bye winter funk.

Speaking of the air, as soon as the night time temperatures stopped dropping below zero, there were all these smells in the air - it came as a bit of a shock after nearly 3 months of cold and woodfire smoke. I can't describe it, because it's not quite earthy and it's not yeasty but it's green leafy and wet old leaves decomposing and sweet all at the same time. It's mostly pleasant, but it's not a familiar smell to this Australia, even after two years in Manhattan, KS.

The light is changing, we're back on daylight savings, we're waking up to birds chirping away in the trees outside our bedroom window, the turkey vultures are back, and we only have a few more months in the apartment and Manhattan (we're only 100% sure about the apartment, but it looks like we're coming home in June/July). In light of our situation (coming home!), we're going to make the most of this spring because it really is quite different from spring in Australia.

Beautiful blossoms aside, I am looking forward to being in a home among the gum trees.

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