Sunday, 6 July 2014

Fireflies, rabbits, fireworks, and babies...

Yesterday was the 4th of July and there were lots of fireworks here in Manhattan, KS, even though there was no parade and official fireworks show, like the one in Wamego. Manhattan residence have been allowed to use fireworks since July 1 to July 4, from 8 am to 12 am (midnight), and people have been, but it's been kinda annoying to have a few fireworks go off here, and then a few more over there, then another one or two 10 minutes later... Jimmy kept waking, so I was getting annoyed.

But last night... Last night!

We were waiting to see if we'd be able to Skype some friends back in Australia because they were having a birthday celebration in a park for their little boy (he's 4 days older than Jimmy) and Jimmy was grumpy because it was late (after 9 pm). In an effort to distract him, I went to our bedroom with him and we sat looking out the window. I think Jimmy saw the rabbit before I did - it was happily eating the grass, in what is sorta kinda our backyard... And then... then!

First one and then another... and another... and another!


I called Michael in and we sat looking at the pretty little fireflies, the rabbit, and the occasional flare from fireworks, but the sun was still setting, so we couldn't really see them, but we could hear the bang each time the fireworks went off.

It was lovely watching the fireflies. I haven't seen any in years, not since I was in primary school (I think...) and we went to a small area beneath some mountains. I remember it being warm in town and cool in the mountains, and it was just on sunset too. Magic. Pure magic.

And we were able to see them again, on the other side of the world. Jimmy seemed to enjoy it all, but I'm not sure what he made of the fireflies.

We had our Skype call and saw the birthday cake (it was a train!). It was kinda weird seeing the park, because we know it well and it was broad daylight in Australia... Anyway, Jimmy was a little unsettled and annoyed (because we hadn't let him hold my phone), so we called Granny and Pop and had a quick chat to Granny (Jimmy hugged the phone at one point, as though he were hugging his Granny - he gives lovely hugs).

After all that excitement Jimmy was ready for bed, so I sat with him, nursing him in my lap, watching the fireworks and the odd firefly, until Jimmy decided that he need to be lie down and go to sleep...

The fireworks were still loud, and still went on until after midnight, but they were near constant, so they were much less disruptive for Jimmy, and it was amazing how many we could see. But the fireflies were the best. We'll be looking for more in the coming nights... Shiny...

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