Thursday, 24 July 2014


As a means to deal with the differences between Brisbane and Manhattan, KS, once a week I'm going to make a note of one thing that we're missing, i.e. our little herb garden, and counter that with one thing that we're enjoying, i.e. squirrels! and how we can just enjoy them and not have to think about having to protect a small garden from squirrels, rabbits, or raccoons (if that even is an issue...).

Now, I'm not really missing the garden at our old place in Brisbane because I could never spend much time out there because of the midgies, they would also go for Jimmy in about 10 mins, so that spoilt the garden. Michael is missing it more than I am because he enjoyed working in it, after being in the office or lab all day, but we are both missing that place and our old neighbours, especially E and B.

So, we're missing our old lifestyle, our friends and family. It's been particularly difficult these past few weeks as we're missing my/our mothers group and all the first birthday celebrations. While we have managed to celebrate, and celebrate in good form, it's been bittersweet. It's been tough. Thank goodness for fast internet and things like Skype! They might not be as good as real hugs and real people, but it's better than nothing.

What are we enjoying?


Yes, we are enjoying the different types of birds too, so we're enjoying the different wildlife that resides in Manhattan, KS. Squirrels, rabbits, red cardinals, doves, blue jays, and hopefully we'll see an alive raccoon one day...

Blue Jay at Cico Park, photo taken by Michael
But this week, I'm really enjoying that the Riley County Playgroup is back on! We've been two days in a row, and we would have made it today but Jimmy decided to passout at 9:20 am. Oh well, we'll probably end up going tomorrow. Jimmy loves it, and we've made a few friends there which is really great because it fills the social gap - mumma's need socialising too.

Just having the biggest nap. Ever.

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