Saturday, 20 September 2014

Missing/Enjoying: Family

Somewhere just north of Omaha, possibly an outer suburb.
We've just had a lovely 3+ weeks of family and friends, which only ended on Monday, but we're missing everyone already and we're coming down from the high of our holiday and full apartment. It sucks. Michael and I have been reminded that Jimmy is missing out on lots of time with his grandparents, that we're missing out on time with our parents, that we're missing out on time with friends back in Australia, and that being away from Australia kinda sucks.

Walking with Pop in Winnipeg
Checking out the fossils with Daddee, Granny, and cousin A.

We'll get through it. We're just trying to find our groove again, which is hard because sciencing can be frustrating and a little soul destroying when it's not going well and because Jimmy is constantly changing.

More time with cousin A. 
What are we enjoying?

We're enjoying our little family and the changing season, even though it means going to KSU for Swimmy-Jimmy times. We're also enjoying that warm fuzzy feeling that our visitors and visiting have left us with. Thanks guys!

In addition to this, we found a bicycle for Michael at a yard sale (garage sale) for $20, so YAY! And we bought a waffle iron there too... We've wanted one since we arrived but didn't want to buy a new one, so we're pretty happy about that.

Jimmy and I are enjoying some one on one time, as we've hardly had any in the last few weeks. Don't get me wrong, it was great having other people look after him and play with him, I just like hanging out with my son - he's a pretty cool kid. Takes after his Dadee.
Look at my boys! Cool, right?
So, instead of heading to playgroup on Tuesday (and Wednesday, and Thursday, and Friday), Jimmy and I have been hanging out at home, catching up on housework, taking the bus to go to a secondhand store for some jumpers and long sleeved tops, hanging out with Michael at uni during his lunch breaks and after work, doing a little grocery shopping, and reading plenty of books (or the same book, four times in a row).

Woollen jumpers, long sleeve tops - preparing for winter.
Life goes on but it has a different feel, knowing that we were able to share our lives with family and friends, and visiting relatives, makes this town, this country, and this continent, all seem a little less strange and a little less lonely. The change in season, the start of a new university year, and football season are contributing to this feeling of change, because Manhattan is buzzing and yet the sun is setting earlier and rising later... but more on that later. Oh and have I mentioned that Jimmy is well and truly walking? Yeah... We're finding our groove again and a new balance as life finds a new normal.

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