Monday, 13 October 2014


"a portrait of my son, once a week, every week in 2014"

Jimmy: Hee hee!

We've been playing "Where's Jimmy?" since this little guy was a few weeks old, in a bid to distract him from his cold bottom as we changed his nappy. The game has evolved and changed as Jimmy has become more aware and mobile. It is almost, almost hide and seek (which all three of us played yesterday, giving Jimmy his games). This big box is ideal. And he pops in and out so fast, Michael has trouble focusing on that little face.

But Michael did really well to capture Jimmy's expression, as he came out of the box. It's the look of "hee hee, I've been here all along!" but what you can't get from a photo is how much Jimmy comprends what we're doing and how it is like two of his favourite books, Zoom, Zoom, Baby! and Moomin's Lift-the-Flap Hide and Seek, and how he copies Little My, a character in the Moomin books, when we find him and tell him it was a clever hiding place, because he says "hee hee" just like Little My.

I need to thank Michael for the photo, Aunty K for the Moomin book, and Granny for the Zoom, Zoom, Baby! book. And credit has to go to Jimmy for taking "where's Jimmy?" beyond the change table and for providing lots of laughs.

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