Friday, 3 October 2014

Winter is coming...

While we were 'up north', in southern Canada, and northern Minnesota and Wisconsin, we got a taste of the coming Autumn Fall, and my thoughts turned to Winter... because Winter is coming. When we reached Kansas City, Missouri/Kansas, it was hard to believe that Summer was nearly over, and it was even harder to believe that it ever snows when we returned to Manhattan, KS. But Winter is coming.

We got a local taste of Autumn Fall in the days that followed, but that quickly changed, and we even snuck in a quick swim! Have I mentioned that the water was lovely? The first few days of this week have also been lovely and warm, almost hot, but that's apparently about to change. So, Winter is coming.

A few weeks ago, with Jimmy in tow, I went and bought some woollen jumpers and more long sleeved tops. That weekend we did some more op shopping thrifting and came home with another thick, but wool blend, jumper and a leather jacket for me (because the only windproof thing I own is my rain coat). Soon I'll be buying Jimmy some gum boots, Michael and I leather/waterproof boots, and more thermals, thick socks, and possibly flannel shirts - as the budget permits and the weather requires. Because Winter is coming, and we're from Brisbane.

Now, being from Brisbane, we may not know snow or sleet, but we do know what 9 degrees Celsius feels like. Having grown up in Warwick, I know what -6 degrees C feels like. Having lived in Melbourne and London, Michael knows what cold is too. And because most houses in Australia are not built for the cold, we get to experience every bit of the cold, that blankets, wool doonas, heaters and hot water bottles can't compensate for. London? Buildings in London are (for the most part) built to keep the cold out. The same can be said for buildings in North America: thick walls, lots of insulation, double glazing, and central heating. Perhaps it feels like it is always Winter and never Christmas

Fingers crossed, we'll be alright. I managed to take a snuffly, snotty Jimmy outside around 2 pm today and while the wind was cold when it blew, the 17 degrees C (in the shade, out of the wind) was quite nice. And we were both wearing about what we were wearing in the photo above, taken in Canada. With a few thicker layers Jimmy and I should be fine on daily walks (because this boy of mine is not going to handle being housebound for more than 2 days at a time), although I'm not sure how Michael's hands are going to handle the chill on his bike ride to K-State.

Winter is coming... I'll keep you posted.

Photo: Michael.

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