Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Last week...

We had Michael at home! He had to go into work a few times, but still, he was mostly home and it was a bit of a holiday.

We spent time hanging out, Geocaching, drinking coffee, baking and eating cookies and cake, watching DVDs, and staying home out of the rain. It was nice. Plus, with Michael home, I hardly had to change a nappy or take Jimmy to the toilet (we started potty training Jimmy many months ago, it's been a slow process, and whenever Michael is home Jimmy requests "Daddy take toilet!").

There was also the borrowing of a sewing machine... Oh I've missed sewing! I'm looking forward to having a sewing machine of our own (again), especially as I think about the two big boxes of fabric and patterns that are in storage in Australia.

And while the sewing machine and other sewing bits and pieces are getting a workout, the camera was feeling a little sidelined. The same went for writing, although there was no lack of inspiration.

More soon.

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