Thursday, 28 May 2015

And now for something completely different: red-tailed hawk...

On one of the days last week when we walked home from the library (not a short walk), we went through K-State, as per usual, only on this day there was quite the commotion coming from a tree, with small birds making a fuss, calling out and making lots of noise. 

It was almost like the birds were calling out "Murderer! Murderer!" as if one of their own had been taken by a cat or a bigger bird. 

And it was a bigger bird that they were trying to scare off.

Only this hawk, most likely a red-tailed hawk, was eating a squirrel. It wasn't long before the small birds had given up hope of getting rid of the hawk and the hawk was happily eating away.

It kept an eye of us as we took photos, but it wasn't that interested in us and kept eating its squirrel.

As it continued to eat its lunch, the hawk ripped off tufts of fur that drifted to the grass below the tree, confirming that yes, it was eating a squirrel. Poor squirrel. But it was pretty cool to see the hawk.

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