Tuesday, 25 August 2015


a portrait of my son, once a week, every week in 2015

Jimmy: Off to school... day 3.

Oh man... there's a post coming about this, I promise... Jimmy is in daycare. Or school as they call it here. Everything is called school here. Even university. It can get confusing. Anyway...

On Wednesday morning was the first morning in a long time that it was cool out. Cool enough for Jimmy to wear his big red car hoodie - one of his birthday presents, thank you Grantie L!!! And Daddy just couldn't resist the cuteness and took a few photos. It was hard to pick the best one, because they were all good and filled with epic-Jimmy-cuteness. The backpack has his toy dog in it, another birthday present, thank you Grandma!!!

From memory, it was an easy drop-off that morning, but I could be wrong about that...

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