Monday, 1 February 2016

Last week, in photos... (one week late...)

It was cold that weekend. Really cold. So cold we had to keep the blinds closed to keep the cold out. Somehow we managed to keep ourselves amused...

Monday was Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Day and we all stayed home. Until we went outside to make an attempt to return the turtle... but the pond was frozen over (funny about that...).

We had fun anyway and enjoyed the not-so-subzero temperature (-6 C I think). That said, we were happy to get back home into the warmth of our apartment.

A day or two later it snowed a little in the afternoon. It was really nice to look out the window and see the snow falling... I left a little early because I thought I might have trouble getting home by bike - I took the bus, with my bike, and walked my bike, no riding.

But there was even more snow that night and the next day! So much snow! When we walked Jimmy to daycare he kept saying "It's snowing like in the Gruffalo's Child", it was really cute.

I would forget about the snow and then when leaving the laboratory I would see it and see the white blanket. It was wonderful. Michael and I seemed to be the only ones enjoying the snow. Everyone else was keeping to the paths while we walked in the ankle deep snow.

Snow it magical to look at, but I completely understand why people don't like it - it makes the roads slippery, and driving in the falling snow is worse than driving in torrential rain because it limits visibility, ice sticks to the windows, and the snow builds up on the roads, instead of running into the gutters... One nice big snow fall, like this one, is enough for me.

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