Thursday, 25 August 2016

Catching up with my brother!

It was the day of the Federal Election, and my brother was visiting Brisbane for 24 hours. So naturally, we drove the 2 hours and hung out with him. Only my Mum (aka Granny) wasn't able to come - she was handing out how to vote cards for the Greens. So, these photos are for my Mum.

My brother, Arun (aka Dirt Hand), was up for a gig the night before (he lives in Melbourne), and we had a little fun (or trouble) with the whole picking him up thing, which is not surprising as none of us have lived in Brisbane in the last year or so.

Michael and I had hoped to eat at one of our old haunts, but it wasn't to be... It was now a hair salon. Another old haunt had moved, and as Arun thought his preferred lunch venue would be super busy, we sought out the old haunt that had moved. It turned out that these places were really close to each other, and we ended up eating where Arun had wanted to go anyway - stomachs and tastes buds were after something a little different.

Lunch at Shouk was excellent. So was the coffee. And the service. And the interactions between the staff and Jimmy. And with an hour or so between Arun's flight and the end of lunch, we went to an old favourite park, because we were all in need of some fresh air.

And surprise, surprise, the park had changed and the swings were no longer there. Boo. The lack of swings didn't stop us from having fun, and we found a more Jimmy friendly playground on the other side of the park. And then it was time to take Arun to the airport and drive back to Warwick.

Naturally, we'll have to organise a catch up with him again and arrange it so that Mum can be there and so that it's more than a few hours. We may, or may not, aim for it to be in Melbourne...

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