Friday, 26 August 2016

Pink-eye passports...

Because I have conjunctivitis, I was reminded of when I had conjunctivitis the week we went to Chicago to get new passports...

And my oh-so-lovely passport photo did not prevent me from re-entering Australia - phew! When we returned, we did our immigration thing with a Customs Officer at a desk marked: Australian Families (or similar). As a result, I have no idea how my passport would affect the performance of the face recognition at the automated Customs (or whatever it's called). From experience, it's no big deal - my fringe was registered as a scar or similar and when the machine doing the face recognition thing didn't like what it was processing, the Customs Officer who I saw wasn't worried and was happy to stamp my passport when I asked.

But, presumably, I'll be travelling with Michael and Jimmy for the next 9 years, if we travel outside of Australia in that time, so the awful photo on my passport will not read by a machine - it will be seen by people.

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