Friday, 2 December 2016

Dropping the ball...

Yep, it's December and I didn't post anything in November.

Thank you for checking in during the radio silence.

Yes, I dropped the ball and this space suffered.

No. There was no good reason. It just happened:

I was sick. Jimmy had a fever, but only for an evening. I had a job interview. The US election happened. A pizza oven that Michael and Pop have been working on was completed and used for the first time. Jimmy had a fever for a few days. Michael had a job interview. My brother wasn't going to be visiting Brisbane and then all of a sudden he was, so we went to have lunch with him. I did not get the job (Michael did not get the one he interviewed for either). I came down with an epic sore throat. Jimmy developed a blocked nose. There may have been another trip to Brisbane for some socialising, only Jimmy and I were still sick. Everyone in the household came down with sore throats. And now everyone seems to be better, but Jimmy's nose still runs.

And now the days are hot, there's a tray of mangoes on the bench, storms are rolling in some time after lunch and it's beginning to feel like Christmas time.

Heatwave aside, I'm trying to get back into things and manage my energy levels and sleep pattern and time, so that I can get through the hot days and cool nights and still feel like I'm achieving things. I'm trying to pick up the ball and get back into writing here and job applications and craft projects and advent activities.

It sounds like a lot, but it's not, I hope. Hopefully, with good health and good sleep, this month will be productive.

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