Saturday, 31 December 2016


a portrait of my son, once a week, every week in 2016

Jimmy: Enjoying a spot of cricket on Christmas Day...

Christmas morning saw us heading down to the Condamine River and enjoying breakfast outside, followed by Jimmy opening a large match stick that was covering a cricket set. We had some fun trying to play normally, and then without wickets and with more running around. He quite likes it. 

This is the last entry in Jimmy's 52 Project. It's been fun, sometimes challenging, and rewarding to have this record of Jimmy, but he is going to be at school soon and to protect his identity (somewhat), lessen the effect on his ego (more so), it is time to stop. I know, I know, there are lots of children who are constantly on their parents blogs and that's the choice of their parents, but this is our choice. There will still be photos of Jimmy here and stories, but we hope to provide a gap onlne between our perception of Jimmy as a baby and small child, and give him the space to develop his perception of who he is and make it easier for him to choose how much of this self he wishes to share online when he is old enough to do so.

Yes, I know, it means that there will be less of record of him growing up here, but he has been saying no to photos more and more, and I find it challenging to balance my wants with his; it's his image I'm using, so his wants outway mine. And as he grows, he is more expressive and more aware of his surroundings and able to relate stories and events and sometimes photos just don't do justice to the storytelling of who this little boy is becoming. No, no weekly video of Jimmy, but call us or arrange a playdate - we'd love to see you!

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