Sunday, 1 June 2014


Flowers at K-State.
Today is the last day of Spring, here in Manhattan, KS, and I thought it was time to share some of my photos from this season. We may have missed the first month of Spring, but from what we saw, and from what we were told, we didn't miss much expect the cold. The days and nights have gone from cold to warm, even hot, as the wind has changed from north to south. Summer might not start until tomorrow, but it is basically here, although I've been told July and August get really hot... At least the pool is open and we have central cooling if the weather becomes gross... So, here's to Spring, thanks for being cold enough for hot chocolates, yet warm enough to enjoy being outside, most of the time.

Yes, that is snow. And Michael had to walk to uni that morning...
A few days later, no trace of snow or of frost, but it was still cold.
Near our bus stop.
The day our internet was installed.
In town...
... with a close up of the flowers.
Pretties, also in town.

And now, the show is over for Spring.

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