Monday, 10 November 2014


"a portrait of my son, once a week, every week in 2014"

Jimmy: Dressed for the conditions, he sets out to explore the bike racks of Kansas State University.

Independence, exploration, and being outside or just not at home. Jimmy just wants to get out there and explore. I can't blame him: the weather has been mostly nice, at least nice enough to go out for a few hours a day; running is happening; and last week we spent so much time indoors because of his cold. Jimmy's still a little snotty, but he's an energetic, hungry, inquisitive little thing, and it's really hard to keep him indoors - especially when it might be far too cold to even think about heading out in a few weeks.

Jimmy is moving so fast that he's being coming a challenge to photograph, but Michael managed to take this lovely one of Jimmy, and all of the following photos too:

It's definitely autumn, but Saturday mornings are still good for an adventure outside, especially when rugged up in wool, corduroy, and dinosaur gum boots.

No, not going to... sneeze! "Dadee, put that camera away so I can throw the ball to you!"

"Why aren't we moving? We should be heading off on our adventure... Where is everyone?"

The camera was put away, adventures were had, and the bus was taken home. This last photo is similar to this one, oh but Jimmy's grown so much since then!

And seeing Jimmy in this particular jumper makes my heart swell - my Granny knitted it, for one of my cousins or for me, at least 30 years ago, and it is in such good condition that her great-grandchildren are able to wear it too.

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