Thursday, 6 November 2014

Missing/Enjoying: babies...

Naps at the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens.
Once upon a time, like all parents, Michael and I had a little baby. A soft, squishy, immobile, completely dependent, clingy but happy baby. He's gone. I'm not sure where he went, I'm not even sure when he went, but he's been replaced by a little boy, a little boy so full of energy, inquisitiveness, humour, mobility, strength, and independence. 


Sometimes I catch glimpses of my baby, usually at night when he cries because he wants boobie but Mum isn't there, but there is so much boy now.

And it makes me wonder at what my friends' babies are like. Because they are about the same age as Jimmy, so they would all be little boys or little girls now, not babies. Just like Jimmy, but different. I'm sad I'm missing that.


The other day Jimmy and I were at the Discovery Center with a friend and her now 1 year old (!!), and there was a mother with her 3 children: the eldest was 6 months older than Jimmy and even more boy; the twins were about 6 months younger than Jimmy and so much more baby. And they were the same age Jimmy was when Michael and I brought him to Manhattan, KS. Such a baby, but not!


Other friends, in Australia, have added to their families over the last 6 months, and I'm sad to be missing that too, but I know I'll get to meet these little people. Only it will be when they are little people, little boys and girls.


But seeing that change from baby to boy/girl! That! That is magic! And I am enjoying every day with Jimmy and every glimpse of his Australian friends as they grow. If all babies were like Jimmy, I would have 10. That's how much I am enjoying this boy. Yes, I said it. Boy.

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