Saturday, 15 November 2014

Bicycle! Bicycle!

On the weekend after my parents returned to Australia, we were walking home from somewhere with James, enjoying the warmer weather after a chilly few days, when we stumbled on a yard sale. The guy selling the stuff was reducing what he and his soon-to-be-wife had, because they didn't need two of this or four of that and hadn't used some things in a long time. We picked up an interchangeable waffle/sandwich press, because we've wanted a waffle iron since we arrived here and the price was pretty good, but the thing that caught Michael's eye next was going to be a game changer...

Bicycle! Bicycle!

It was for sale.

We bought it.

Bicycle! Bicycle!

Jimmy is pretty taken with it and he's almost more excited that the bike is back than that Dadee is home in the afternoons... ah well... he'll get over his fascination soon enough, right? Ok, probably not, given how much Michael and I like bicycles... Runs in the family?

Michael is pretty happy to have a bicycle again, even if it isn't as good as the ones we have in Australia, but it's a bicycle. He recently added a rear rack and collapsible baskets, which is making our weekly shop much more manageable and has almost eliminated the need for any top-up shops.

The bicycle also reduces Michael's commute, meaning he doesn't have to leave home as early in the mornings, and he can come home quicker in the evenings. And he can come home (or near enough) for lunch, as he did on this day that he took these photos of Jimmy with the bicycle.

Bicycle! Bicycle!

And all photos were taken by Michael.

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