Monday, 15 December 2014


 "a portrait of my son, once a week, every week in 2014"

Jimmy: Has a "flute", and plays "tooty-toot!" in his new waterproof suit!

Just a little Shel Silverstein and Dr Seuss mashup to go with this lovely photo Michael took yesterday, while I was in bed (long story, I'll tell you tomorrow). The waterproof suit just arrived this week from Granty L, along with a whole Christmas cake and a Christmas present for Jimmy - no, no the suit was an "anytime present" and we let Jimmy open it that day, and he had so much fun wearing it that evening! It means getting him dressed and out the door is going to be a lot easier as the suit is fully lined, hooded, and those green tabs actually fold over to cover hands and feet, all we need now is a little snow to see how it really holds up - I'm sure it will be excellent.

And did you notice this weeks' number? 50... 50/52... Only 2 more of these for this year...

While Michael and Jimmy were outside yesterday, Michael captured Jimmy's excited face. His "oooo!" face. And I had to share. Because "oooo!" my little sister is going to be here in just over a week!

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