Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Winter is here!

Well... sort of... it depends on what calender you go by: if you're talking months of winter (December, January, & February), then winter is most definitely here; if you go by the Earth's position relative to the sun (solstices and equinoxes), the official start of winter is a few weeks away.

And it seems that Americans do actually chart the seasons by the Earth's position relative to the sun. It's something I hadn't noticed until we were living here and bloggers were talking about the start of summer in late June, the start of fall in October, and no there is almost no mention of winter already being here (except over at Soule Mama).

But for us, it's been winter for a while now... pretty much since it snowed... or the week leading up to the snow, when the north wind was biting and we had ice forming on the inside of our bedroom windows. Big jumpers, boots, socks that that look like boots, and a little boy who actually doesn't really want to go outside are all becoming the norm...

And apparently Christmas is in 23 days... We're not really "into" Christmas, but we still do something, because the day holds many fond memories. I just can't believe that it's that time of year, I mean it's cold, bloody freezing... It's always hot leading up to Christmas... Oh wait... In Australia the days are hot and long in the lead up to Christmas, and when it's not hot, I keep forgetting that it's just around the corner, because it doesn't feel like Christmas. Funny, right.

Winter is here and Christmas is coming, with New Years and birthdays following close behind. It feels weird. Because it's winter, as far as I'm concerned. Christmas and winter are things that happen in other countries, to other people, and yet it's going to happen. And in my mind Christmas (and my birthday) will be coming early this year when my little sister arrives a few days before Christmas.

Winter is here and with it, the last month of 2014. Stay warm, or cool, as required.

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