Saturday, 2 January 2016

A new year...

We did our usual quiet New Years thing of going to bed sometime around midnight. We slept in too. It was nice.

After breakfast we tied up the living room, filing paperwork, getting rid of old receipts, last Christmas' wreath, and anything broken with no sentimental value.

The only thing missing from our New Year's clean up was the opening of windows, for a little fresh air - but it's a little cold outside...

A much needed new seal for the coffee pot has been ordered, a new diary too, and my eyes are feeling like new, which is even better than good seals and fresh paper.

In addition to cleaning in the home, I'm going to do a little work here, planning some new things for a new year, rethinking how I use this space to suit our lifestyle and photographic opportunities, and fixing a few problems that I have only recently found (ops!).

The beginning of this year feels especially important, and cleaning up our living room to reflect the freshness of the year felt nicely symbolic, although we did not stress the matter and I'm not going to hold on to it too much. But like spring cleaning, New Year's cleaning feels important.

As for New Year's resolutions, I'm keeping it simple: read four books; go home. It sounds simple enough, but I didn't manage to read four books last year, and we didn't go home when we had originally planned. Hopefully this will be the year.

And perhaps it's the lengthening of the days, but I feel a sense of hope and lightness. And while I have no evidence for the fact, I think this year will be better than the last...

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