Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Last week, in photos...

Drawing inspiration from here, here, and here, I'm hoping to share a little of my week using photos. Hopefully I'll manage five photos as a minimum, and hopefully I'll manage to get them up before Sunday, but I'm not going to be upset with myself if it goes up on Monday...

Speaking of Monday: First day back at work for the new year required coffee. Real coffee and a peanut butter cookie.

Honey-soy chicken for dinner. It was excellent, but there was not enough for leftovers, for lunch the next day.

Jimmy rediscovered one of his favourite books and we spent at least two days reading it over and over again.

My new diary arrived! It's tiny but so bright and cheery and I love the pictures. It's a little perfect.

A recent Jimmy-photo of me. I know it's blurry. Don't care.

Cutting with the kitchen scissors. Jimmy is getting good at cutting.

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