Friday, 8 January 2016


On Saturday we had a mission: we were going to take the bus and go to the library. We may have missed the bus... and we may have taken the scenic route to Arrow... and we found snow!

Snow, even nearly one week old snow, and it was excellent for making snowballs! (And stomping in.)

It was lovely out and I had almost as much fun taking photos of Jimmy and Daddy throwing snowballs as they had doing the throwing.

Bird prints, rabbit prints... and no way of knowing how long they have been there.

Snowballs gave way to purple slides and it was just warm enough to go without coats. For 5 minutes.

There was snow in the shadow of the library. Jimmy was as interested in eating it as throwing it.

After our adventure to the library, we did a few more things down town before taking another bus home. And then we ended up in the tallgrass. The end.

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