Sunday, 18 May 2014


"a portrait of my son, once a week, every week of 2014"

Jimmy: sleeping, drool and a little milk on his cheek. 

There's not much else in this world like a sleeping baby, and while he looks more and more grown up everyday Jimmy is still very much my baby. He's started having long afternoon naps, and by long I mean 1.5-2 hr naps, which for a baby who would only have 20 mins at a time, it's a long nap. And sometimes I naps with him, something I've been doing a bit of late. Naps are nice.

Jimmy has brought so much light and laughter into what has been a low week, I can't begin to imagine how I would have coped. Michael has been great too, and hasn't complained about me forgetting to make coffee for his lunches, or even failing to cook something that would produce leftovers for lunch. Phone calls etc with family back in Australia have been lovely too.


  1. oh look at those sweet lips! nothing so cute as a sleeping baby :)

    1. Oh yes, those lips! :)

    2. Lips with just a little milk dribbling out...

  2. Jimmy gives heart to us in Oz in this time of sadness.