Friday, 2 May 2014

My favourite time of day...

Back when Jimmy was very new, I loved those first few minutes of the morning: waking up to his little face on one side and Michael on the other; we were all cozy and warm and still a little sleepy (ok, Michael was usually still asleep). It was just lovely.

I still like mornings, but I'm usually squished up against the wall and Michael has probably spent half the trying to avoid being kicked off the other side of the bed... Jimmy has slept soundly... kicking Michael and headbutting me. Yeah, not so lovely.

Just this week I have really started to notice afternoons, particularly the moment Jimmy realises his Dada is home: Michael stomps up the stairs to our apartment, but Jimmy still has no idea what's coming, then Michael puts his key in the lock and Jimmy looks a little worried, Michael unlocks the front door and Jimmy stops what he is doing and whips his head around in the direction of the front door and then he looks at me, almost in disbelief, asking "is it really Dada? Can I get excited?", and then he's off! Jimmy crawls from where ever he is in the house to the entrance hall and all he wants is to be in Michael's arms. It's so incredibly sweet.

But it gets better. On Wednesday we had lunch with Michael at uni, because that's what we've started doing, and when Michael came home that afternoon Jimmy was super excited, why? I really don't know, but it was lovely. Jimmy and I were sitting near the entrance hall when Michael turned the lock, Jimmy looked in the direction of the door, turned back to me, flapped his hands to say "pick me up so you can pass me to Dada", but there was a little "I'm so excited, I think I did a little wee".

A close second is bath time. Jimmy's bath time to be precise, although I like bath time too. But that's a story for another time.

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