Thursday, 15 May 2014

Take a moment...

Take a moment to remember family and friends. Take a moment to tell them that they are in your thoughts, that you love them. Work out how to spend more time with them, if you don't see them as often as you think you should. And take a moment to remember those who you can no longer spend time with.

A very special man passed away this week and because he went out on limb 18 years ago (yes, Dad, I worked it out), my family and I, had the privilege of knowing him. One phone call was all it took. I am very glad for that phone call, and I think my father, mother, brother, and sister are too. Our lives are richer for the actions of this man, and the warmth he and his wife, and their daughters, brought with them on our first meeting. There are many, many fond memories.

Michael and I are thinking of you all, our family back home in Australia. Ursi, Nick, Juliette, Lani, we wish could be with you, and the rest of the family, to help celebrate David.

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