Friday, 9 May 2014

Our first month in Manhattan...


One month down, 11 to go! (Unless we stay here for a second year.)

We're still finding our feet, working things out, finding our way around town, and getting our heads around the local climate. We have seen trees blossom and watched the blossoms fly away, managed to get phone numbers, seen snow, watched squirrels and rabbits running around, listened to the local thunder and explosive type noises from Fort Riley, acquired internet with the installation taking place on a Sunday during a storm, found bread that doesn't have sugar, found a good local beer or two, and just today we were taken to the local Asian supermarket where they sell fresh curry leaves amongst other things.


Oh and Jimmy has gone from not crawling to crawling and trying to stand whenever possible. In the last week he has started pointing at things, wanting to know what they are, he's also becoming increasingly talkative, even though he mostly says "boohk" (book), "gooh" (good/yes), "poo" (poo), "yeh" (yes), along with lots of "mumumum" (Mum) and "dadadadad" (Dad) and "yayayayayaya" (anything he doesn't have words for). But he still likes to play "Where's Jimmy?".



  1. Gee-whizz you paint a rosy picture Kamala. Certainly these are some of the best parts of this experience, but it's been ridiculously stressful too.

    1. The "living without an income is stressful" post is coming.