Sunday, 3 August 2014


"a portrait of my son, once a week, every week in 2014"

Jimmy: with his favourite toy, at the Parents as Teachers Riley County Playgroup.

Every time we're there and he sees it, that's it, it's his, for the next hour or so. He discovered it at the end of our first time there, and it broke his heart when we were there next and another child was playing with it, meaning Jimmy was going to have to wait until it was free. He'll sit there and roll it and roll it. It doesn't matter what the other children are doing, he'll just sit there, because he was occupying that space first. Sometimes he even pretends to vacuum the playhouse.

Every now and then, he'll be distracted by something else, but the vacuum cleaner is the clear favourite. I'm hoping he likes vacuuming with a real vacuum cleaner, because I'm not too fond of it especially as I either have to wear Jimmy, watch to see that he doesn't get near the power cord or ask Michael to do it. If Jimmy does the vacuum cleaning, that's one less things I have to do, right?

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