Thursday, 21 August 2014

Missing/enjoying: drying clothes

Yep. I miss drying our clothes, towels, sheets, and nappies in the sun (or in the garage, when it was raining). There's a smell, a feel... oh there's just something about sundried clothes! And I miss it. We couldn't exactly turn the spare room into a drying room and fill it with clothes drying racks... it's just not the same... and yet...

And yet, I do enjoy using the dryer. It's fast, everything that can go in it is dry the same day they are washed, the towels are fluffy, the nappies are fluffy, and if I get the things out as soon as the dryer is finished, everything is lovely and warm...

I'm looking forward to having an outside clothes line again, but I'll enjoy the dryer while we're here.

And here's a quick history lesson on the clothes line, plus 2 (or 3) reasons to ditch the dryer.

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