Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Coffee, coffee, coffee!

Coffee, coffee, coffee! Yes, we found a place that does really good great coffee! To say that it's a relief just doesn't quite cut it...

We'd basically resigned ourselves to either never going out for coffee or putting up with mediocre coffee (at best), but then I thought "hey, there's that coffee shop near uni that we walk past all the time but haven't gone to, we really should check it out".

This coffee shop can't be seen from the road. The only thing that indicate that there is a coffee shop there at all is a little sign pointing in its direction. There's no overwhelming aroma of coffee wafting on the air or anything like that. Just a little sign, on a busy road, with a bank, pizza shop and a petrol (gas) station.

So, to avoid major disappointment I did a little snooping around on the internet. Urbanspoon rated it pretty highly, in fact it rated better than our *sigh* usual coffee shop. I should have done my homework sooner... Ah well, snooping done, it was time to go.

Oh we were not disappointed!! Walking up to it, we could see that there was a hipster vibe to the place (tick!), plenty of bicycles were parked out front (ok, not necessarily related, but still a good sign), and then we opened the door... Oh! It smelled like Melbourne or Brisbane!

Jimmy was pretty pleased with the blueberry muffin (so were we: it made the coffee even fruitier).
I could go on and on, but I wont. Visit or visit their facebook page. Arrow Coffee Co. They just celebrated their first year. Coffee, coffee, coffee!

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