Thursday, 29 January 2015

72 degrees Fahrenheit...

I kid you not: I took this photo at 3:30 pm today. That's the temperature in Fahrenheit. It was over 20 degrees Celsius. I was wearing a t-shirt. No jumper. This time last year I was checking the weather for Manhattan, KS, and seeing figures of -25 degrees C... This year things are a little different.

This is mid winter, in the midwest... While the windows were open, I did spare a thought for everyone in the north east of the USA, and any Canadian provinces affected by the recent snow storm, and wished that the snow could have been spread a little more evenly across the continent.

It's supposed to snow here on the weekend, so I'm glad we took the opportunity to have lunch outside today - so was Jimmy. He'll be excited to play in the snow, if it happens to be cold enough for it. This mild winter is keeping snow a novel occurrence, and while I do enjoy the snow, I am very grateful that we have seen so little of it.

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