Tuesday, 27 January 2015

And just like that...

She's gone. Asha flew out on Thursday. She had a 6:30 am flight to LA, via Dallas, and Jimmy and I woke up and waved her goodbye as the taxi took her to the airport.

After staying up late, because that's what we did, because we didn't know when we would see each other again, we managed to get up in time. Asha set an alarm, I didn't sleep well because I was worried I'd be too sound asleep for her to wake me, Jimmy wasn't too upset when I woke him up so that he could see his Aunty go.

He definitely enjoyed having his Aunty around and he handled her departure very well. He seemed to understand that we'd see her again, even if it was over Skype or Facetime, and he went back to sleep without too much trouble. She's safely back in Australia now, so we'll get to see her again soon, but we still miss her. So, here are some photos of her time here with us.

Sneaky Asha played Santa on Christmas Eve. I still can't get over the fact that she brought my childhood Santa sack and filled it with goodies.

Asha, Jimmy, and I often walked to K-State or Arrow Coffee Co for lunch with Michael and in the new year there was snow everywhere, for a few days at least. On this day the thermometer says 21 degrees Fahrenheit, which is -6 degrees Celsius and it was midday.

There was also some experimenting with sourdough, including the loaf above, which had cranberries, sugar, and spices rolled through the middle (it was good), pizzas bases and I can't believe I didn't do it sooner, and bagels too.

The bagels were good. The brioche was great too. So good in fact that it's getting its own post.

Michael may have made the pasta, but Asha delivered the lovely red tea towel, and we enjoyed eating the pasta together.

The weather turned mild and we walked to Cico Park on her last weekend here. There was some Geocaching involved and little legs trying to keep up with the longer ones.

Asha also started a love of throwing dry leaves in the air. Jimmy especially loves it when the leaves fall on his face or get stuck on fencing. He also enjoys getting in on the act too.

I love this one. Partners in crime. Or Geocaching.

More photos here, here, here and here. We miss you Asha! Jimmy still makes that "eww stinky" face when stinky things happen. It's cute. Jimmy also asks after you and remembers things that you did with him. We're looking forward to seeing Asha again soon, even if it's over the internet and not in person.

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