Thursday, 8 January 2015

More snow!

One week before Christmas we woke up to a snow covered landscape. Michael and I knew it was snowing that night, but we didn't really know how thick it was going to be in the morning: nearly 10 cm (or a 2-3 inches). It was utterly beautiful and the day was nice enough to take Jimmy outside.

The pine trees looked like Christmas trees, and the grass was completely covered, and we could find rabbit and squirrel tracks around the place. One of Michael's coworkers gave him a lift in that morning, which was greatly appreciated. So was the lift to the Asian Market that evening.

But it was one whole week early. As an Australian, as someone who grew up in the southern hemisphere, Christmas time is hot but all Christmas movies come from the northern hemisphere and they all depict the white Christmas as the ideal. And while my sister and I have both been in the northern hemisphere over Christmas and New Years, it was always too warm to snow, which was disappointing.

I was hoping the snow would last. The predictions were initially for some snow on Christmas day, but as the day drew closer the predictions changed, moving further and further away from the possibility of snow to a (relatively) warm day. Oh well. Another time, right? So long as it snowed while Aunty Asha was here, it would be ok.

And snow it did! It was a little lighter, but it was still snow. Only it was so cold and dry that the snow wouldn't compress into balls, so no snowman, no snowball fight... just lots of sparkly, glittery snow being thrown in the air. Yes, it was magical. And because Aunty was with us, we were able to get some family photos! So, here was are, our little family, running around, making snow angels, and enjoying the snow, while it's still novel for us*. The following photos were taken by my little sister, and Michael put together the gif's.

I'm not going to pretend that it wasn't cold. It was. After 20-30 minutes Jimmy was over it and possibly a little cold, even though he was rugged up, and ready to be carried up the stairs.

*Now that the snow has melted and refrozen since Sunday, I am glad that there hasn't been anymore snow because I wouldn't be able to see the ice on the footpath, which is a scary prospect as I still wear Jimmy almost everywhere. Michael is reluctant to ride around more than he has to. It's probably safe to say that we may be over snow by winter's' end. Assuming there actually is more snow this winter.

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