Thursday, 5 February 2015

Even more snow!

For a change, it snowed during the day, and it started just before Jimmy and I left to have lunch with Michael. It snowed while we were having lunch, and it continued to snow until some time after Jimmy and I returned home.

He took a little convincing, but after 30 minutes of saying "no, cold" I managed to change Jimmy's tune to "snow, mitten" and we went outside and played in the snow.

Playing in the snow often involves Jimmy collecting handfuls of snow, and throwing them at me, and Michael and I doing the same - today it was just me throwing snow at Jimmy, followed by requests for "more" snowballs to be thrown at him.

Jimmy was right, it was cold, but so was I, because it was worth going outside to play in the snow.

Being outside made me forget about how crab-y I was becoming with Jimmy, it cleared my head of the vacuum cleaner dust that had recently filled the living room, and it helped Jimmy forget about vacuuming for 20 minutes or so. I am a little over Jimmy's obsession with vacuuming, but it does keep him occupied when the days are too cold or wet to spend much time running around outside.

Jimmy's obsession with pine cones, on the other hand, is something I fully support, because we're usually outside when he points them out. I'm sure I did something to start this obsession...

Jimmy has become so confident in his walking in the snow while bundled up against the cold. Admittedly the snow wasn't very thick today, and he was only wearing thin layers under his suit, but he's no longer falling over for the first 5 minutes when we do go out in the snow.

I love the snow: the way it floats through the air; the sound and feel of it underfoot; the way it sits on tree branches; how the place is quieter when it snows; Jimmy's little footprints; the way the landscape changes; and best of all, I love the way it catches the light - there's just something magical about it.

We both enjoyed being outside, walking around in the snow. Yes, it was cold, but it wasn't too cold and the fresh air was lovely. Jimmy and I returned home smiling and happy to be back in the warmth of our apartment,

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