Friday, 27 February 2015

"No News Week"

I'm taking the "No News Week" challenge, put forward by Womankind, a fairly new womens magazine published in Australia.

As we don't have a TV or buy newspapers this challenge would seems fairly simple, except that most of the news I read pops up on Facebook, thanks to ABC, SBS, and other news broadcasters having pages to like, oh and friends who share news items... This means that I have to limit my Facebook time, zoom past news posts, not read anything on a newspapers website, and not check the weather forecast. Yes, the weather forecast counts as news...

It started Thursday. Today. It felt a little like coffee withdrawal...

At least Jimmy was equally cranky with me as I was with him, so we are even - even if his case of the crankies came from testing boundaries, wanting independence, and a little bit of cabin fever... Be gone cold weather!

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