Saturday, 14 February 2015

Quick reads...

Jimmy is still snotty, yet boisterous. My shoulder/side have been sore for most of the week and I'm still not convinced that it's the result of doing 1-2-3-weee a few too many times over the weekend - at least it's not mastitis. The weather has turned cold again, and we're starting to look into the realities of moving back to Australia. How's your week been?

It might be Valentines on Saturday, but you might want to reconsider those dinner plans.

Activities for young ones while it's too cold or too hot to play outside.

Some crazy things about Australia.

Some stunning photos of Australia.

What's in a name? Most people mispronounce my name, let alone start spelling it with the right letter.

As I think about packing and what to leave behind, I'm reminded of this closet cleanout.

These photos of the Kazakh eagle-hunting festival are just stunning.

Hope you have some nice plans and some nice weather to go with them. We'll be catching up with some friends, checking out the new exhibits at the Discovery Center, drinking lots of warm drinks, and eating lots of warming soups and breads - it's going to be a cold one! Happy weekend!

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