Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Icy days...

With four days of cold rain, sleet, a smattering of snow, and mostly subzero temperatures, everything was covered in ice... here are some photos, all taken by Michael. Enjoy!

These two are possibly my favourites...

Can you see Jimmy and me? We're there, you might have to turn your computer or phone upside down ;)

Ice on ice on ice and then some icicles... Are you feeling cold now? There was so much ice that I refused to ride my bike to work on Monday (more on the bike later, I hope), but managed to ride it today without incident - although Michael and I had to walk over a few patches of ice... we did so very carefully. By lunchtime there was no more ice on the ground and the light snow this evening melted as it landed. Snow is more fun than ice. Both are pretty.

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