Friday, 11 December 2015

It's a lovely world...

(These are my shoes, and they belonged at a Climate March last weekend.)

Yes, there is great inequality. There is injustice, war, violence, pollution, deforestation... but last Monday morning, while checking my email I noticed something lovely:

Outnumbering the emails about Black Friday and Cyber Monday were emails about the People's Climate March.

We didn't make it to one, but family and friends did.

Over 750,000 did. Even in Paris.

A drop in the ocean perhaps, but a loud and lovely drop.

It reminded me that people care about this planet we call home, care about what we're doing to it.

All those emails and then news stories were a welcome reminder that there are people out there who care more about looking after our home than saving a few dollars when they buy something they might not really need.

I was feeling all warm and fuzzy, thinking that perhaps, just perhaps, we, the people of the world, can make the world less crap, one issue at a time.

Here's to the Paris climate talks resulting in meaningful action and change on a grand scale - because it's needed.

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