Saturday, 14 March 2015

A little spring cleaning...

The urge to spring clean our apartment has been eating away at me since I realised that we might be going home soon. And even with our change of plans, one way or the other we are going to move (maybe (arg)), and the urge is still there.

But I wanted to wait until it was warm enough to open the place.

And now the weather is warm and the urge to spring clean is irresistible.

So I started small, with a little bag I've had since I was thirteen, that has pretty much always been home to earrings and bobby pins.
I had actually forgotten that I had already cleaned it out before we moved to the USA, so this job was very quick. I threw out some hair pins that I just can't stand using and put another one in the op shop pile.

Before putting everything back in, I lined the bottom of the bag with fresh bobby pins, from a pack I bought here. And in locating the pack of US bobby pins, I started cleaning out the smallest of my two toiletries bags - hairbands, bobby pins, and cosmetics.

So there are now more things to go to the op shop (unused hairbands mostly), and I have made a mental note of the cosmetics that are to be binned when we leave - most of what I have is starting to smell funny or not go on right, and I'm not even sure some of the colours actually suit my complexion.

The reality is I don't actually wear much makeup, and I usually go without. Somedays I don't even wash my face in the morning. It will be nice to reduce my make up collection to what I actually use. I wish I could be as ruthless with my earring collection... One day...

The urge to spring clean has been satisfied, for now, but I'm sure that it won't be long before I clean out the hall cupboard, or the wardrobe in the spare room...

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