Wednesday, 4 March 2015

A tale of three trees... Part 3

This is my personal favourite series of tree photos. I can't quite explain it... Since discovering the scenic route to Dillons, we pass this tree every week on our way to the shops. So taking a photo of it every week* as it changed from green to bare made sense.

 Possibly the first week with the bike...

 First snow ride/shopping trip...

 *There was one weekend where it was cold, there was snow, and then I was sick, so I did actually miss a week. And then there was the odd week when I forgot my camera... which means that Michael probably has a few photos, but you get a good sense of the tree changing over time.
I'm not sure if there are any buds waiting for the weather to be consistently over 5 degrees C - I'll have to check next time we go past it. Maybe I'll get a photo or two of it looking a little greener... But it might just be the grass that is green.

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