Tuesday, 10 March 2015


We're cancelling our tickets and staying in Manhattan, KS, for another year and a little.

It's great for Michael's project. If Michael gets a few publications, it'll be great for him.

It's nice not to have to leave, to pack up and get on that aeroplane - even if we're only putting it off.


But we miss family and friends back home.

We miss Australia.

We want to start setting up a stable home for Jimmy because in a year and a bit we have to start thinking about schools.

And while I would prefer money not to be an issue, it is: we would love to be back in Australia but there is no work lined up.

So, we [are trying really, really hard to] accept that we should stay here because we will be able to save up more money than we might if we returned to Australia, and the current job market.

Fingers crossed it works out for the best, but it's still a bitter pill to swallow and it's still a bittersweet development.

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