Sunday, 15 March 2015

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I was putting this list together and realised that it looks like I'm trying to justify being a stay-at-home mum. I'm not. The only justification I need is Jimmy: he is such a confident, inquisitive, observant, and funny little boy. Michael makes the most of the time he was with Jimmy too, and our decision to have me at home this year has been worth it but the reward is not financial. Part of me thinks I needed this time to heal emotionally after Jimmy's birth and the best way to do that was to spend time with my bubba. Part of me always wanted to spend the first year at home with each of my babies (we only have the one), and I am now happy to return to the workforce, or have another baby. Plus we're a very, very long way from home and it felt important to keep Jimmy close...

Anyway! Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

20 reasons why every breastfeeding mother should cover up.

I love this piece on nursing in NYC.

Five things you should never say to a stay-at-home parent.*

And while we're on the topic of stay-at-home parents, we're not a 'luxury'.

Plus, what a stay-at-home parent is worth.

An amazing find for science.

A sweet little birth story from Brisbane.

Words of warning (and a good laugh) for mothers of boys

Feeling the heat? I planned to share these three a few weeks ago, but didn't manage it so: Hudson River in deep freeze; the cold freezes everything; Polar vortex brings the coldest weather in decades.

And for a dose of cute: Baby chameleons!

Happy Pi Day! Did you celebrate it?

*If anyone can think of 5 things to never say to duel income parents, please let me know! I'm going to start with: why do both of you work, if you don't have to?

(Baby chameleons via A Cup of Jo)

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