Thursday, 30 April 2015

"Mum cut hair."

Jimmy caught me trimming my fringe this morning.

"Mum cut hair."

The drawer with the nail scissors was open and Jimmy wanted use the them - not happening.

"Cut hair. Mum, cut hair."

So I picked up my little boy, stood him on the countertop, twisted the curl behind his right ear, told him to stand still, and cut his hair.

And then I did the same to the curl behind his left ear.

I had cut Jimmy's hair. No fuss, no fight, no problems - easy.

In a bewildered state, I returned Jimmy to the floor and secured the two curls with some sticky tape.

Both curls, one from behind each ear, bound together and stored safely in a little box.

Michael has wanted to cut the curls for a while now.

The curls that have been growing since before Jimmy was born.

The curls that have been protected by Jimmy's ears and not worn down.

Gone, because a little boy wanted to be like his mum.

"Cut hair."

First haircut done. And by my hand.

"Mum, cut hair."

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