Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Over the weekend we...

Went to a friend (and neighbours') birthday party. It was an adult birthday party, starting at 7pm, about 20 guests, sangria, music, food, and enough candles on cakes to know that we were celebrating an important birthday. And, because the birthday girl and her husband live just downstairs from us, we had no qualms about going, with Jimmy in tow. And it was the right thing to do. Why? Well:

  • Firstly, we take Jimmy almost everywhere with us, he has never had a babysitter, so he's used to the occasional late night out with Mum and Daddy and friends.
  • Secondly, the birthday girl and her husband are smitten with Jimmy, and he's a little taken with them too, so there would have been disappointment all around, had we left Jimmy at home, with a sitter or taken it in turns being at home with him.
  • And thirdly, with the party being just down stairs Michael or I could take Jimmy home when he was done and ready for bed. 

When we went downstairs, to the party, we were not the first to arrive, but we were there before most of the other guests, which allowed Jimmy to warm to the environment and the other guests. He was clingy to start with, and hungry, but after devouring the grapes and tasting the cheeses and lots of time in my arms, he was ready to work the room.

And work the room he did! Everyone was completely taken with Jimmy. Some were impressed by how friendly he was, others couldn't believe that he was eating broccoli without hesitation, others were blown away by how much love he could convey in the word "Mum". I'm pretty sure this all means that Michael and I are doing a good job as parents.

I don't remember what time we went home, but it was late. A few guests had already gone, and, with a little help from Daddy, Jimmy was making a little bed for himself on the couch. So, Michael and I gathered up our tired, but happy and very full, little boy and said our goodbyes - Jimmy highfived everyone and gave the birthday girl a little kiss on the cheek (I suggested it quietly to him and helped him lean in, and if he hadn't wanted to, we would have left it at a fistpump and that would have been fine).

On Sunday we were all tired, but fairly happy. We started the day Skyping with a close friend back in Australia who is a new dad. Michael and I are so excited for him and his wife, but we are also sad that we can't be there as they adjust to their new life as parents. Fingers crossed we'll get to meet the little guy before his first birthday.

Our day ended almost as late as Saturday because Jimmy refused to go to sleep. We're not sure why, but he just didn't want to go down. It is possible that he knew it was Sunday, which means Monday is the next day and Daddy goes to work. It is also possibly that he was hoping to relive the previous night. Either way, it was a late night. At least Michael's lunch was already made...

Thanks to Michael for the photo of the birthday cakes, although I take full responsibility for the editing.

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  1. What a lovely evening :-) It does show what good parents you both are, and how lucky Jimmy is. Makes me very happy.