Friday, 10 April 2015

The DVD baby-sitter...

Yes, this time around, I've been employing the DVD baby-sitter while sick with a cold this week. It was really more a coincidence that we happened to have some Jimmy-suitable DVDs at home, and he kept asking to watch "Peter Rabbit on Daddy's computer". So, I let him watch Peter Rabbit on Daddy's computer.

Yes, I feel a little guilty. The screen time isn't really good for him. But it is beautifully animated, just as I remembered from when the series was aired on the ABC, way back in the 90s.

When I put it on in the mornings, after Michael has gone to work, Jimmy sits and watches the story of Peter Rabbit, glued to the screen while Peter runs around Mr McGregors garden, sneaks past a cat, and returns home to bed.

And then Jimmy gets up and moves around, plays with this, that, and the other. He cares that the DVD is still running, but he's not really very interested in the rest, although he does like the tale of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny. We even had a second DVD from the series, but it never interested Jimmy as much as the one with the tale of Peter Rabbit.

The only explanation I have for this, is that he knows the story of Peter, and not the other characters. We picked up an abridged copy of Peter Rabbit a while ago, and Jimmy knows when to say "stop thief!" and "kertyshoo!" and when we get to the end he'll say "again"- so it's clear that he likes the story of the cheeky rabbit.

In general Jimmy doesn't spend much time watching anything, and it's really only been a few days, and Jimmy is really good about the limits - no Peter Rabbit before Daddy goes to work and not after Daddy returns. It is sowing a very important seed in Jimmy's mind: that having a bed all his own will make him just a bit like Peter Rabbit.

The DVD is from the library, and it will have to go back at some stage, and we'll deal with that when the time comes. Hopefully the book will do, until we borrow it again. And we will, because sometimes it's ok to have employ the DVD baby-sitter.

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