Saturday, 18 April 2015

Quick reads...

Happy weekend! We're going to a 'baseball grill' tomorrow, hosted by a PhD student in the same lab group as Michael. We will be attending the grill (aka barbeque), so long as the weather holds (it's spring and that means storms), and we may attend our first baseball game - more likely we'll go home. We'll see. We might also see how the K-State Gardens are shaping up, as everything is in bloom - it is spring after all.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend, wherever you are!

Easter is gone, but I still wanted to share some thoughts on why the US doesn't embrace Easter chocolate.

One brave couple seriously going against a national trend.

Earlier is not better, when it comes to educating young children.

Apparently Mothers Day is coming... we don't really pay it much heed, but this is a nice gift list (albeit outside our budget).

French children don't get fussy.

One CEO is putting his staff ahead of his paycheque.

If you care about the people who make your clothes, you should read this.

What's for dinner? Insects, anyone? I've eaten (and enjoyed) #37.

Parents, don't forget to play.

The week in wildlife - in pictures.

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