Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Over the weekend we...

Slept in, lounged around, went to Goodwill, Geocached, tried to attend a Michael Jackson tribute show only to be stuck breastfeeding a sleepy toddler who thought Granny and Pop had pretty poor timing with their Facetime call...

Movies were watched, mostly by Michael and I (Catching Fire, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, The African Queen (they don't make many movies like it, which is a shame)), so was some computer animated Peter Rabbit, just for comparison - we didn't think much of it, and Jimmy kept asking to watch Peter Rabbit because he didn't recognise it as Peter Rabbit.
Jimmy and Michael went to the school playground via the tunnels. Jimmy loves going through tunnels, possibly more than he currently enjoys Peter Rabbit. I'm loving the fisheye effect of Michael's GoPro and Jimmy's teeth! Oh and those overalls are pretty neat too.
Michael took a few pictures of Jimmy in the dandelions using his Canon D550, and there was at least one really nice photo. The dandelions are out in force, and Jimmy is making sure to pick at least one every time we're out.

It was after their outing to the playground, and my outing to the shops, that Michael and I watched The African Queen while Jimmy slept (we only watch movies while he's asleep, because most of the time they're not suitable). Jimmy woke up before the climax of the movie, but it was very tame, by today's standards, and he seemed to grasp what was going on and wasn't troubled by it, so it's all good. We might let him watch the whole thing in a few years. It really is a very good film, great even. Movies like it go under the radar these days.

We spent the rest of Sunday hanging out at home. It was nice. Weekends are nice. Hope you enjoyed yours.

(All photos were taken by Michael.)

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  1. Brilliant shots as usual - thank you Michael.
    The overalls look a bit white for an active young boy! Pity I misread the size - but it is nice to see them fitting at last.
    Sorry about that missed concert Kamala - bad timing on our part.